Strengthened Communication

The length of a coaching partnership varies depending on the needs of the individual. For certain types of coaching, 3 to 6 months of working together may be enough and others may find it beneficial to work for a longer period. Factors that impact the length of time are: types of goals, the frequency of meetings and the financial resources available to support coaching. Kim Williams & Associates specialize in business coaching for financial advisors, sales managers and project managers across Canada, the US and the UK. Kim works with advisors that are ready for transformation. Those advisors who want to take bold steps to grow their business and to break down the barriers that have been holding them back. We help advisors to make big decisions and we partner with them to create a new vision for their business.

The managers that we coach want to instill confidence in their advisors and we hold them accountable for that goal as well as focusing on their own leadership development. Project manager coaching is all about enhanced communication. Negotiating, influencing and managing during change are all areas that we partner together on to move to the next level. New Coaching Program-Revitalizing Your Client Experience. We are proud to launch a new coaching and marketing program focused solely on helping advisors enhance their client experience. We will analyze all areas of the client experience and then create action steps to implement new opportunities to take your client experience to the next level. The result is that clients are happier, more content, willing to give referrals and appreciate your services.

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